Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pro-FX Gel Nail Polish

For Easter My husband got me this Pro-FX gel nail polish set. I'm a huge lover of gel polish. I was very excited to try this and did right away. I only have great things to say about it. First let me start by saying it came out perfect, not one thing went wrong. Their base and top coat are together in one bottle. I applied that first, then did two coats of the pink. After I cured that, it was time for the white tip and it went out like a charm. I do a french manicure often, and the white tip has never went on as smooth as it did with Pro-FX. These can be purchased at Walmart for $7.48 for the French manicure kit and $7.48 for the base and top coat in one. I highly recommend these and I look forward to see what other colors they have out. 


  1. I have the gel nail polish in pink.. along with the base and top coat in one my problem is its peeling right off.. im not sure if im doing something wrong or what...

  2. I have bought the same product and it works very well.
    Do yoo know if there are some other gel polish in a different colors? I have seen only "Base and Top coat" and "french kit"

  3. Lady at Walmart told me today they are recalling all of the Pro-FX product. Wouldn't tell me why and wouldn't let me buy the one box of Base & top coat they had left. :-(