Monday, April 23, 2012

Indie Minis giveaway

This giveaway is for a Pretty and Polished-Bubble Tea and 365 Days of Color- Explosion! The winner will receive both of these polishes.
Enter via Rafflercopter
This giveaway is US only*
Winner will have 24 hours to Email me to claim their prize
-Good Luck

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OPI- Shangri-la-la lilac Review

 This polish is from the Spring 2000 Far East Collection. It's rare and very HTF (hard to find).  This was on my wishlist for a while and took me time to track it down. I found it on Ebay with only 1 seller, there for I paid a pretty penny for it. This is actually my most expensive polish to date. But now that I finally have it, I love it. It's a beautiful light purple with a little shimmer in it,  but not too much. It's perfect for Spring and would look great on all skin tones. ?What's the most expensive polish you own, was is an old rare polish or a new one?

Blog Sale

 Hi, Over the past 4 months I've been buying polish like "crazy". When I see a polish I like, I buy 2 so I always have an extra. After realizing I don't paint my nails with these colors that often, I don't want my extra to just be sitting around  so I decided to do a blog sale.

*Shipping US- $2.25 for the first bottle and 0.50 for each additional bottle.
*International please email me @
* If you buy more quantities, I can use a flat rate box for cheaper shipping.

All items are wrapped in bubble wrap and mailed in a bubble mailer. All packages will go out the following day of the sale. I'm not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. I will give you conformation numbers if requested.

Every polish is Brand new unless listed. If there is more than I available I will put the number of how many their are next to the bottle.

If you are looking for something that you don't see, you can email me and I can see if I have it.

If you want to purchase something please email me at  It's first come, first serve. If you inquired about a polish and I sent you back an email and have 2 hours to respond  before I go to the next person asking for that polish. You will have 24hrs after a invoice is sent to pay via paypal.
**When using paypal, please use the GIFT option. Thanks!

Girly Bits - Mini's $6.00 - DLG- $10  DLG-SOLD

Pretty and Polished $ 8.00 each - Party on my Yacht- SOLD

Mini's -$4.50 each - Mind control, Jawbreaker and Glacier SOLD

Mini's- $4.50 each 

Enchanted Polish- Hey Jude $13.00

Rainbow Honey $5.00 each both SOLD

Nostalgic Wrath and Greed $8.00 each

Sham Rock- $7.00/    Ti Amo -$7.00   /   Hope-$7.00    /  Rainbow Bridge $6.00
All that Glitter's - $7.00 each - Frantic Romantic SOLD

Weird Indeed- The Routine- $7.00 *Sold

You're A Doll (BN)- $6.50 / Play The Peonies (BN)- $5.00  / Panda Monium Pink (BN)- $5.00/ My Pointe Exactly (BN)-$5.00

And this little Piggy (BN) $5.50 / Abbey Rose (BN)- $5.50 /  Just A Little Rosti At This (BN)-$5.00 / DS- Reflection (BN) $7.50 *Fading top*SOLD

GO On Green (BN) -$5.50 / Stranger Tides (BN)-$5.00 / Cuckoo For This Color(BN) $5.50 /  Light my Sapphire (BN)$5.5O

I Vant to Be A Lone Star (BN)-$5.00 SOLD / It's totally Fort Worth It SOLD (BN)- $5.00 / Yall Come Back Ya Hear (BN)- $5.00 / Don't Mess with Texas SOLD (BN)- $5.00

Texas LiL Shooters- (BN) $7.50

Mauving to Mantoba (BN) $5.50 / Manicurist Of Sevelle (BN) $5.00 / Chocolate Moose (BN) $5.50 *little Chip ob bottle  / My Private Jet (BN) $5.50 *SOLD*

Kim-Pletely In Love (BN)-$6.00 /  Rainbow In The S-Kylie (BN)$6.00 SOLD / Sealed With A Kris (BN)- 6.00

Disco Dolls (BN) $6.00  /   Kendall On The Catwalk (BN) $6.00
Pink, Seriously.(BN)- $5.50   /  That's Totally Red-ical (BN)- $5.50

Hello World (BN)- $4.00   / Find Your Passion

Count On Me (BN) -$5.50 SOLD  / Show You Care (BN)- $5.50

I'm Not A Gold Bigger (BN)-$4.50 /  I Pink I Love Him (BN) X2 $4.50 / Fuchsia Wife (BN) X2 $4.50

Somebody Teal Love (BN )$4.50  /  Me + Blue  (BN) $4.50   /  Demin To Earth (BN) X2 $4.50

Orly- Out Of this World- (BN) $3.50) SOLD /   Julep- Emma (BN)$5.00 SOLD  /  Julep- Kelly (used 1x) $4.00 SOLD

Whimsical-(BN) $5.00 X2 -  / Sliver- (BN) $2.00 SOLD

Mrs. Robinson- (BN) $2.75  /  Psychedelic Scene (BN) -$2.75

Magic Attraction (BN) $2.75 SOLD*/ Gingerbread (BN) X2 -$2.75  / Volt of Light (BN) $2.75 *SOLD*

Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, and Meet Me at Sunset all included (BN) $9.00 *SOLD*

Nice is Nice (BN) $4.75 / A Cut Above (BN) $5.00 SOLD / TOO TOO Hot (BN)$4.75 /  Red Nouveau (BN)$4.75

Blonde Bombshell (BN) $4.50 *SOLD* / Street Chic (BN) $3.50  / City Siren (BN) $3.50  /  Jealous Much? SOLD (BN) $4.50

(BN) $1.50 EACH

More Polishes to be added...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pro-FX Gel Nail Polish

For Easter My husband got me this Pro-FX gel nail polish set. I'm a huge lover of gel polish. I was very excited to try this and did right away. I only have great things to say about it. First let me start by saying it came out perfect, not one thing went wrong. Their base and top coat are together in one bottle. I applied that first, then did two coats of the pink. After I cured that, it was time for the white tip and it went out like a charm. I do a french manicure often, and the white tip has never went on as smooth as it did with Pro-FX. These can be purchased at Walmart for $7.48 for the French manicure kit and $7.48 for the base and top coat in one. I highly recommend these and I look forward to see what other colors they have out.