Thursday, May 31, 2012

My guide to getting polished

This post is all about my tips and tricks to getting polish when they sell out in 2 minutes. As we all know these days it's hard to get your hands on Indies like Pretty and Polished, Nail Venturous, Dollish and Candeo just to name a few. So I'm going to go over the ways how I'm always able to get my hands on some.

*First and foremost make sure you follow or Like that page of the person that makes the polish.  This way you can see their updates of when they are going to restock. Make sure you check back often so you don't miss anything. Also some shops have a notification app where they will email you when they are going to restock, make sure you check your email often so you receive it in time.

* Second most important thing is make sure you know the site they are selling on, weather it's Etsy or Bigcartel etc. I recommend going on the site, make an account so they have your information beforehand. There's nothing worse then thinking you have everything in your cart then you have to log in and lose it all. So after you do that, look around the site and get very familiar with it, get to know where the shopping cart is, how to add quantity, delete an item etc.

**After you have that down I always go to the shops Facebook or Etsy page to look for restock dates, if they are posted I go in my phone and add an alarm for 20 minutes before the sale on that date.**

* Another tip I have is to know what you are buying. Usually a day before the sale I make a list. I always right down what polishes and how many I want. When you only have 2 minutes or less to shop and your heart is pumping from the adrenalin it's best to have a piece of paper in front of you to remind you.  *Most shops have pictures of the polish you can look at or you can Google to get images because a lot of shops don't offer refunds after orders are placed.

 On a restock date when my alarm will go off, I get my I pad and go in the computer room (office) and get on the shop's page. I also go to paypal to log on and make sure everything is ready ( I stayed logged on through the sale). Then on my office computer I bring to 2 browsers and split the screen in half so I can see both.  So with my IPad, I now have 3 different pages for the shop up. About 5 minutes before the opening I start refreshing, so I start with one window and work down to my Ipad and just continue refreshing all the pages until inventory shows up and then I start adding things to my cart. I only use one browser to shop on so which ever one I got the inventory on I use.

*I tried to use 2 before but it just made everything more confusing and then you have to pay more shipping so It didn't make sense.

I hope this post can help you snag some polish!!!

If you have any tricks or tips please leave a comment of what you do to get some polish!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paris Sparkles Election Day review

Today I have a polish that I've spotted on  and have been eye balling for a couple weeks. I finally got it today and put it on within 2 minutes of getting it.  As most of you know, I love Indies and white base polishes, so this polish is right up my alley. This polish has a white base with red and blue hex glitters and little sliver sparkles. The base was not to thick and went on perfectly. The only thing I wish there was more red and blue glitters in this polish. But besides that it's a keeper!  I used two coats for this mani and no top coat. This bottle is sold by Paris Sparkles on and can be found here The cost was $7.00 with $3.50 to ship for the first bottle. Go check out her store as she has many polishes with lots of glitter.