Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Sale

 Hi, Over the past 4 months I've been buying polish like "crazy". When I see a polish I like, I buy 2 so I always have an extra. After realizing I don't paint my nails with these colors that often, I don't want my extra to just be sitting around  so I decided to do a blog sale.

*Shipping US- $2.25 for the first bottle and 0.50 for each additional bottle.
*International please email me @
* If you buy more quantities, I can use a flat rate box for cheaper shipping.

All items are wrapped in bubble wrap and mailed in a bubble mailer. All packages will go out the following day of the sale. I'm not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. I will give you conformation numbers if requested.

Every polish is Brand new unless listed. If there is more than I available I will put the number of how many their are next to the bottle.

If you are looking for something that you don't see, you can email me and I can see if I have it.

If you want to purchase something please email me at  It's first come, first serve. If you inquired about a polish and I sent you back an email and have 2 hours to respond  before I go to the next person asking for that polish. You will have 24hrs after a invoice is sent to pay via paypal.
**When using paypal, please use the GIFT option. Thanks!

Girly Bits - Mini's $6.00 - DLG- $10  DLG-SOLD

Pretty and Polished $ 8.00 each - Party on my Yacht- SOLD

Mini's -$4.50 each - Mind control, Jawbreaker and Glacier SOLD

Mini's- $4.50 each 

Enchanted Polish- Hey Jude $13.00

Rainbow Honey $5.00 each both SOLD

Nostalgic Wrath and Greed $8.00 each

Sham Rock- $7.00/    Ti Amo -$7.00   /   Hope-$7.00    /  Rainbow Bridge $6.00
All that Glitter's - $7.00 each - Frantic Romantic SOLD

Weird Indeed- The Routine- $7.00 *Sold

You're A Doll (BN)- $6.50 / Play The Peonies (BN)- $5.00  / Panda Monium Pink (BN)- $5.00/ My Pointe Exactly (BN)-$5.00

And this little Piggy (BN) $5.50 / Abbey Rose (BN)- $5.50 /  Just A Little Rosti At This (BN)-$5.00 / DS- Reflection (BN) $7.50 *Fading top*SOLD

GO On Green (BN) -$5.50 / Stranger Tides (BN)-$5.00 / Cuckoo For This Color(BN) $5.50 /  Light my Sapphire (BN)$5.5O

I Vant to Be A Lone Star (BN)-$5.00 SOLD / It's totally Fort Worth It SOLD (BN)- $5.00 / Yall Come Back Ya Hear (BN)- $5.00 / Don't Mess with Texas SOLD (BN)- $5.00

Texas LiL Shooters- (BN) $7.50

Mauving to Mantoba (BN) $5.50 / Manicurist Of Sevelle (BN) $5.00 / Chocolate Moose (BN) $5.50 *little Chip ob bottle  / My Private Jet (BN) $5.50 *SOLD*

Kim-Pletely In Love (BN)-$6.00 /  Rainbow In The S-Kylie (BN)$6.00 SOLD / Sealed With A Kris (BN)- 6.00

Disco Dolls (BN) $6.00  /   Kendall On The Catwalk (BN) $6.00
Pink, Seriously.(BN)- $5.50   /  That's Totally Red-ical (BN)- $5.50

Hello World (BN)- $4.00   / Find Your Passion

Count On Me (BN) -$5.50 SOLD  / Show You Care (BN)- $5.50

I'm Not A Gold Bigger (BN)-$4.50 /  I Pink I Love Him (BN) X2 $4.50 / Fuchsia Wife (BN) X2 $4.50

Somebody Teal Love (BN )$4.50  /  Me + Blue  (BN) $4.50   /  Demin To Earth (BN) X2 $4.50

Orly- Out Of this World- (BN) $3.50) SOLD /   Julep- Emma (BN)$5.00 SOLD  /  Julep- Kelly (used 1x) $4.00 SOLD

Whimsical-(BN) $5.00 X2 -  / Sliver- (BN) $2.00 SOLD

Mrs. Robinson- (BN) $2.75  /  Psychedelic Scene (BN) -$2.75

Magic Attraction (BN) $2.75 SOLD*/ Gingerbread (BN) X2 -$2.75  / Volt of Light (BN) $2.75 *SOLD*

Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, and Meet Me at Sunset all included (BN) $9.00 *SOLD*

Nice is Nice (BN) $4.75 / A Cut Above (BN) $5.00 SOLD / TOO TOO Hot (BN)$4.75 /  Red Nouveau (BN)$4.75

Blonde Bombshell (BN) $4.50 *SOLD* / Street Chic (BN) $3.50  / City Siren (BN) $3.50  /  Jealous Much? SOLD (BN) $4.50

(BN) $1.50 EACH

More Polishes to be added...

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